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My clients are all about ... dedication, training smart, sound nutrition with a food focus (not suplements), no short-cuts, no gimmicks and no "muscle mag" BS.  If you "buy in" to my program, I'd love to help you. Your age or condition does not matter. All that matters is your attitude. Price is only $55.00 an hour.  

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"Maximum" Bob Whelan MS, MS, CSCS

Exercise Physiologist at NASA, Strength & Conditioning Coach of NFL, NBA, NCAA, Womens Professional Basketball, and various combat, tactical and strength athletes. Off-season conditioning consultant to the Boston Celtics, author, transformation specialist, master motivator & owner of Whelan Strength Training (WST) in Washington, DC for 22 years. Now offering World Class Personal Training in White City/ Fort Pierce south conveniently located near Midway Rd. and I-95


​Our training methods are based on solid scientific research with over 50 years of practical experience to back them up. We emphasize safe and productive whole body resistance based workouts. We guarantee our training methods and do everything we can to insure the success of our clients. After all, our clients success is our reputation.

We can show you how to build strength, lose weight, get fit and change your body image. You can strengthen bones and fight against osteoporoses, lower blood pressure, increase flexibility and super charge your immune system - and do all this with just two workouts every seven to ten days. 

Correct strength training is not only the best way to achieve your health and fitness goals, it is also extremely time efficient. Once you have reached a reasonable level of conditioning, our aim for you is to complete a full body workout in under sixty minutes and to repeat that workout no more than twice every seven to ten days.

So if you're serious about your health and well-being, want to get in shape and value your time contact me now to schedule your free consultation. 

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Please compare Qualifications! (See my bio) Check EDUCATION not just "certification". (A degree in a fitness related field: exercise science, exercise physiology, kinesiology, sports medicine etc from a UNIVERSITY.) Beware of worthless certifications. There are over 200 fitness "certifications" in the USA and most of them are not worth the paper they are printed on, have no academic value, and can be easily obtained by anyone. There are many personal trainers loaded to the gills with steroids working at gyms who don't even have a high school diploma but are "certified" by someone. Also, if anyone claims to be a "nutritionist" be sure to ask if they are a REGISTERED DIETICIAN. Most states have no legal definition for the term "nutritionist."

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 *Reasonable rates, state of the art strength equipment, private gym, ... you get full attention with no distractions as only two people are there when you train... you and me.
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Progressive strength training is one of the best things you can do for your health and well being. The stronger and healthier your muscles are, the more they will aid in your showdown against fat. Progressive resistance (strength) training boosts your metabolism and that, in turn, will melt fat and keep your body incinerating all day. I am dedicated to helping you achieve your strength and fitness goals through your hard work under my guidance. Your age and fitness level do not matter - you are welcome. I have many beginners in poor shape when they start. Have no fear. Of course, the training intensity I use can differ greatly depending on your age and condition when you start. You conditioning will be slowly and safely built up from your starting baseline level. All that matters is your attitude. You will be amazed at what your body can do if you just stick with it. The strong, healthy body that you deserve is right around the corner! You will leave every workout drenched in sweat but with a smile on your face. I try my best to make the hard work fun for you. 

Still have questions? 

I can speak with you directly if you still have questions about how the program works after reading this page. Please write them all down and give me a call at 772.646.0549. I will spend as much time with you as needed to answer them.   Email:   I will gladly spend as much time with you as you want to explain the program and answer all your questions in your Free Consultation. Several times I have gone more than one hour and I enjoyed every minute of it. I will leave no stone un-turned to make sure you understand everything before we start. I put special emphasis on what you must do in the days you are not with me. (nutrition, cardio etc) Call me and set it up Now!


“I’m 65 years old and after four months of training with Bob, I can honestly say that I feel younger, more flexible, definitely much stronger and have an over-all improved feeling of health and well being. I was surprised when Bob told me that most of the weights on the machines we use have progressed by 25 to 50 pounds in such a short time! Progressive strength training with a pro like Bob Whelan is truly a blessing to me; it is like finding a ‘fountain of youth’ of sorts. His positive motivation and professional attitude is also a pleasure to work with. Give Bob a call, stop aging and start YOUTHING!”

-Don Stiller, Fort Pierce, FL

“When I had my first workout with Bob, I arrived too early and caught the tail end of one of his older clients workout while waiting. I thought to myself that it would be an easy workout for me based on what I saw but boy was I wrong! Bob knows how to handle all different clients and adjusts accordingly. He is a lot more ‘kind’ with the older clients but he absolutely hammers the young athletes. I’m a 26 year old MMA athlete and training with Bob is the toughest and best training I’ve ever had. I’m also stronger than I’ve ever been after just 4 months. Highly recommended!”

–Mario R., Port Saint Lucie, FL

"After I tried every gimmick and fad out there, I finally decided to do something that made sense. I joined WST and started whole body progressive resistance workouts with Bob. I thought that cardio was the only way to burn the fat, but I lost 19lbs and feel much stronger and healthier! The workouts have given me a new attitude and have helped me in so many ways. Personalized weight training at WST is the best way to get results fast and stay motivated."

-Judy M., Stuart, FL 

"For almost a year now, my husband and I have been making the drive from Hobe Sound to Fort Pierce to train with Bob.  I am 65 and my husband is 76. Bob is a terrific coach who makes the workout days something we look forward to.  He keeps us motivated and gently increases the intensity of the workouts as we make progress in building our core strength.  In the year we have been going, I have planned my errands and other appointments around my workout days so that I get other things accomplished on the drive to and from the workout sessions.  It has become a way of life for us and we both certainly feel much healthier, stronger, and have more energy since we started our training.  An added bonus for our senior bodies is our new muscle definition and tone. I would definitely recommend Bob for anyone looking for an improvement in the physical conditioning of their body. Bob is a great coach and worth the drive for us!”

-Jean Wells, Hobe Sound, FL

"If you train at WST you will reach your goals. I have been there for three months and very happy so far with my results. When I first met Bob at my orientation we talked about my goals: gaining weight, getting stronger, how much I would have to eat. He told me in September "by this time next year you will be a solid 200+ pounds." And I was kind of surprised because I couldn't see myself being that big. I thought it would take a long time for me to get to 200. I weighed 165 at the time and was planning on putting on 15 maybe 20 pounds max but thought 200+ pounds - no way. Right now its mid November about two and a half months since joining WST and I am 192. Even Bob was surprised how much I have gained in less than three months! I am getting stronger and lifting heavier each session.” 

-Titus S.

"I am so grateful that I happened to see Bob’s ad in a local paper. He styled himself a “Master Motivator” and that’s what I needed. I am able to do many things under my own power but challenging myself via physical exercise is not one of them. Whenever I want to stop, Bob somehow encourages me to do a little more, to push myself a little harder. As a result, I have grown stronger and my clothes fit better even though I have not lost as much weight as I would have liked (my fault, not Bob’s). Getting up off the floor is no longer such a struggle. Without Bob’s help and cheerful optimism, I would have quit long before now. As it is, I am slowly making progress towards my goals. His conviction that we must care for our mind, body and spirit is a positive approach to life that resonates with me."

-Linda Van Natta Linstrum, St. Lucie West, FL